Plugin to The Business Model Canvas

Over the course of the last few years, since publication of “Business Model Generation” various people have suggested:

  • “If we could just add / amend these few boxes then the business model canvas would be even more brilliant and would be closer to the theory of everything as far as business is concerned.

Alexander has resisted all such temptations and quite rightly so in my opinion – the business model canvas isn’t meant to be the theory of everything, it is a really useful tool but it was never designed to describe EVERYTHING about a business.

So I was interested to see in Alexander’s recent session at Stanford University with Steve Blank that he introduced the first “plugin” to the canvas which allows and encourages closer examination of the offer / customer fit, customer pains and gains.  This certainly fits nicely with Steve Blank’s customer development approach and I’m delighted to see the melding of “Business Model Generation” with “The Customer Development Process” and I’m looking forward to an early read of Steve Blank’s new book “The Startup Owners Manual” which I understand incorporate the business model canvas as a key tool.

Business Model Canvas Plugin

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